SUS Elections 2010 Preview

Posted by: | March 14, 2010 | 1 Comment

AUS, EUS, and now SUS. We’ve got ’em all. (Actually not true – sorry HKin – let us know if there is anyone interested in covering HKin). Here are some initial thoughts on the SUS races.

My name is Kevin Moore and I am going to be covering the SUS elections for you this year. I am currently in my fifth year of a Computer Science degree and will be (hopefully) graduating next month. I currently sit on SUS council as the representative for the Computer Science Students Society which I serve as the president for.

This year’s election, like most before it, does not have many candidates that have not already done something on council. Several councilors who already hold executive positions are running for another executive position this year, and one of them is running for re-election. As for the AMS representative, only two of the seven people running (four are elected) are running for re-election. AMS rep will by far be the most interesting and contested race this year with so many people new to council running.

For now I will leave you with a link to the candidate profiles so you can read over the platforms and see who is running. In the next day or so I will post a more detailed analysis of each candidate and who I think you should vote for. You can find the candidates list at


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  1. Phoebe on March 15, 2010 1:52 pm

    I was looking over SUS AMS candidates platforms at ubcvotes and comparing to last year’s and I made a catch! Look at
    and noticed something for AJ Hajir.

    It looks like he copied almost word for word his platform from current AMS Rep Aaron Sihota (seen at

    suggestion to AJ -if you want to use platforms from others at least reword it so it’s less obvious! hilarious.(and if thats actually what your running for)

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