If you’re a new reader and would like some background, refer to a few earlier posts: The AMS and U-boulevard and What’s UBC Properties Trust? (clickies) Yesterday, the Board of Governors’ Property and Planning committee carried a motion to approve the construction of the tunnel that is to lead to the underground bus loop – […]

Since these two events happened in the same day, and they’re not too lengthy, posts have been consolidated. The newest AMS committee, struck at the April 4th meeting had its first meeting yesterday. It has fairly broad aims: basically to prepare a framework for future AMS policy on matters of academic quality. That means setting […]

Once again, this is inspired by Tristan Markle’s excellent letter to the Ubyssey. He identifies UBC Properties Trust as a key driving force in the U.Blvd decision. He’s quite right. But the UBCPT question is one that’s far more broad than UBlvd; in fact, I’d argue it’s a fundamental threat to the University’s governance. So, […]

Corporate Governance I: BoG

Posted by: | April 11, 2007 | 1 Comment

Since my time on the Board, I’ve taken an interest in governance best practices. And if not that, at least been more keenly aware of the relationships that build at Board levels, how the selection of a key few political appointees can really make a difference. To that end I was particularly intrigued by the […]

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