Allan McEachern, Chancellor of UBC, dies at 81.

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Allan McEachern, UBC’s chancellor passed away last night. No more details are available at this time. McEachern became UBC’s chancellor in 2002, and this year marked the end of his term. A UBC alumnus several times over, McEachern earned his Bachelor of Arts and his Law degree here. In 1990 he was awarded an honorary […]

Candidate Questionnaire: Rodrigo Ferrari Nunes

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Rodrigo is a candidate for both BoG and AMS PresidentWhy do you want to be the BoG representative for students and President of the AMS?First of all because I am proud of being a UBC student and alumni. My model of representation is participatory engagement with the implementation of a transparent structure for governing AMS […]

Andrew Carne is a BoG candidate. Here were his answers. Why do you want to be a student representative on the BoG? I want to be one of the BoG reps because I am interested in university politics, administration and campus development. As my time here at UBC increases, i have found out more and […]

Candidate Questionnaire: Tim Blair

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Tim Blair is a candidate for the UBC BoG Why do you want to be on the Board of Governors?The BoG need a clear voice in favor of the UBC Farm and one that has experience in promoting sustainable building practices. The BoG listens to students through the AMS, the two elected officials and through […]

Candidate Questionnaire: Bijan Ahmadian

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Why do you want to be a student representative on the BoG?As a student senator of three years, I have built a constructive working relationship with the University administration. For example, I successfully drafted and negotiated a new policy for viewing marked work which requires instructors to respond to students’ requests within 30 days. I […]

UBC, over the last several years, has adopted the practice of holding an Annual General Meeting, to coincide with the release of its annual report. The AGM is happening today at 12:00-1:00, in downtown Kelowna. It is being broadcast live (at 12:00) in two ways so that we can watch it too: At the Michael […]

Well, results from the September U-Square consultation have been compiled, but not yet published. I thought they were pretty interesting, so here they are, in handy graphical format. Click the graph images to enlarge them. Thanks to Margaret Orlowsky for sending me the results. If you filled out the forms, you’ll recall that the 1-5 […]

Trek Park, the space “liberated” from the old bus loop as a protest for the U-boulevard re-development project, is looking a little worse for wear. The park, consisting of some grassy areas, a large checkerboard, and some benches and furniture, was set up to create a student-friendly, free public space, and raise awareness and opposition […]

Campus Plan Report

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You’ve all seen the signs carpeting our pavements and draping our buildings at UBC, asking you “what’s the plan?”. This fancy publicity campaign is promoting the process of coming up with a ten-year strategic plan for the academic campus of UBC. The Plan addresses the holistic, and specific vision for all of the university’s institutional […]

In an embattled, but clear decision, the UBC board of governors passed final approval of the University Boulevard project’s first phase on Tuesday. Though the faculty, staff, and student representatives were opposed, President Toope remained staunchly in favor of the the phase, which ensures the future of an underground bus terminal on the site of […]

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