In a surprising announcement today, Elections Administrator Brendan Piovesan confirmed that the race for VP Administration, between incumbent Sarah Naiman, “Scary” Mike “the Rabbi” Kushnir, and Yian Messoloras, has been cancelled. The exact reasons are yet unclear, but they involve campaign rules transgressions on the part of one candidate. Apparently, Messoloras broke the rules when […]

Letter to the Editor, re: VFM

Posted by: | January 23, 2008 | 14 Comments

This was sent to us as an anonymous letter to the editor, and we would like to run it as continued discourse on the VFM: How to Drink the VFM’s Milkshakename withheld upon request The VFM contest would have very easy to hack this year. The main problem with VFM is that it is extremely […]

One of the things people most frequently mention about UBC Insiders is that the posts are often wordy, and lacking in sass. This should remediate both of those. photos and comments behind the cut (warning, there’s lots!)Ubyssey staff Brandon Adams and Jesse Ferreras, huddling before the debates start. Or exchanging sweet nothings. Not that there’s […]

Voting started yesterday (Friday). As you may have noticed, the system being used is the archaic and inflexible WebVote hosted on the UBC Student Services site, not the new AMSLink system purchased by the AMS this year, which is still not functioning. If you tried to vote, you may also have noticed that the VFM […]

VFM 2008 has already failed.

Posted by: | January 13, 2008 | 19 Comments

Dissillusioned VFM sponsor Mark Latham and I chatting yesterday. I’m not picking my nose, I swear! Photo Peter Rizov. Poor Mark Latham. Well, actually he’s not on the street yet, but the AMS is definitely living in the doghouse. Yup, this is a media on media story, so have your cringe and be over with […]

Voter Funded Media, the contest that saw the birth of this and other (now defunct) charming student publications, is soon to be re-launched for this year. Yay! The media-reform project is meant to improve media culture, and by extension democracy in general. This is theoretically accomplished by making media into a public good: you reward […]

The Ubyssey is kicking ass

Posted by: | September 19, 2007 | 10 Comments

Some of you may remember Gina’s issues with the Ubyssey – UBC’s official student newspaper. They’ve misquoted, butchered grammar, gotten names wrong, ignored major news stories, inflated readership numbers, published cringeable writing, and been at the AMS’s throat in the past. But I just want to say, that this September, the Ubyssey has been kicking […]

There’s been a few new posts recently. Don’t forget to scroll down. What makes for great lobbying? What gets you in the news? Why do student governments agonize and student lobbies button up, while a comparatively small group rockets into national media coverage and affects actual national party policy? The lively example of the nascent […]

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