Convergence: it’s not just for breakfast anymore…

I’ve been hearing a bit of buzz about the 0.1 release of Chandler, and yesterday finally gave it a go… at this point it merits its miniscule version number, but the notion of integrating email, scheduling, a personal repository integrated into a peer-to-peer network, RSS feeds and more within a single open source application is something to look forward to.

Laura Trippi of net.narrative environments points to a further refinement:

[Chandler is] way too “skeletal” for the likes of me. But, seems they got a grant from the Mellon Foundation to design a version specifically adapted for higher education, code-named Westwood.

Westwood? As in Vivian? Quite a fashion statement for a college iPIM.

After working closely with representatives from a number of universities we concluded there were four key recommendations for incremental functionality in Westwood:

# Nomadic usage and central Repositories
# Standards based Calendar Access Protocol (CAP) Client
# Full interoperability with standards based infrastructure
# Robust security framework

Great! Well, very promising. We’re drowning out here! PowerPoint, Executive Summary, and full report available on the site.

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