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A colleague here at UBC asked me to assemble a short list of “interesting, inventive and creative weblogs”, particularly ones that “focus on hypertext/hypermedia/literary issues.”

I only had a bit of time, during which I compiled the selection below. I know I’m making some terrible omissions… if you care to round out the list, please add a comment, or annotate the unformatted wiki page I’ve been tossing the links into.

[BTW, I hired a student to do a CSS for my wikis, which he did… but he also recommended I install a more comprehensive suite such as SnipSnap — an excellent idea, but it’s also work, and these are frantic days, indeed.]


  • grandtextauto – “smashing up digital narrative, poetry, games and art”
  • hypertext kitchen – “Fresh news about the craft of hypertext — on the Web and off.”
  • hyperfiction – “hyper(text)fiction thoughts, links, and bits from noah wardrip-fruin”
  • Kairosnews – “A Weblog for Discussing Rhetoric, Technology and Pedagogy”
  • Literacy Weblog – “Online and Offline Links”
  • Mark Bernstein – “”We don’t have to worry about making it interesting; all we have to worry about is getting rid of the pig.” — David Mamet
  • Weblog Kitchen – “a Wiki about research in weblogs, wikis, and related hypertext technologies.”
  • jill/txt – “I mostly write about the web, writing, blogging and networked literature and art.”
  • Seb’s Open Research – “Pointers and thoughts on the evolution of knowledge sharing and scholarly communication”
  • A List Apart – Not really a weblog, but…
  • net.narrative environments – “performing in/as code”
  • alienated.net – “you do your own thing”


  • In a Dark Time
  • Literary Saloon
  • Arts Journal
  • wood s lot – “fictive things wink as they will” (frighteningly prolific and eclectic)
  • Riley Dog – cut and paste poetic magic
  • MOBYlives
  • Waggish – “The capriciousness of belletristic thinking is a very bad thing!” (Schiller)
  • Ftrain
  • Cassandra Pages – “Who was Cassandra?”

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    I am a Strategist and Discoordinator with UBC's Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology. My main blogging space is Abject Learning, and I sporadically update a short bio with publications and presentations over there as well...
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    1. The URL for my “Literacy Weblog” site has changed to “jerz.setonhill.edu/weblog”. Thanks for mentioning it in the first place.

    2. The URL for my “Literacy Weblog” site has changed to “jerz.setonhill.edu/weblog”. Thanks for mentioning it in the first place.

    3. But SnipSnap is quite easy to install and done in

    4. Brian, your friendly host says:

      Dennis, for some reason MT is not allowing me to save edits for this entry… sorry about the incorrect URL.

    5. Rod McFarland says:

      Stephan’s right!

      Good to have found you again, Brian. It is just about the end of Day One at SFU. Thanks again for the connection.


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