A plague of webloggers

There’s been a fair bit of flapping about the credentialing of about thirty webloggers for this year’s Democratic Convention (a smaller number will likely be at the GOP shindig). I liked David Weinberger’s early take:

This event marks the day that blogging became something else. Exactly what isn’t clear yet, and the culture clash is resulting in public functions that, because there is no single culture of blogging, are Dostoyevskian in their awkwardness.

Take the breakfast the DNC threw for us bloggers. We were taken into a function room in the Back Bay Hilton with a breakfast spread and tables with actual table cloths. Behind us, separated by a few steps, were about 30 members of the Real Media. No scrambled eggs or tables for them. Nope, this was our damn breakfast.

The organizers finally got us all seated

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