An international entry in the MultiUserWeblog sweepstakes?

I’ve been following the efforts of James and D’Arcy to assess mutli-user blogging systems with great interest. It’s been clear for some time that our existing weblog project needs to go to the next level if we are to sustain our current growth rate.

At this point in time, I am prepared to stick with Movable Type, though it’s not a done deal. The other major contenders are WordPress MU and Drupal — which have their considerable strengths and a couple of shortcomings (which D’Arcy and James both document very well).

A system which intrigues me is, which Novak introduced me to. It’s got a very nifty authoring interface, flexible publishing, some very groovy aggregation features for its hosted blogs, and it seems to be built with elegant programming.

The downside — I don’t read Croatian, so without Novak I’m pretty much lost. He’s been in contact with the developers, and they seem to be open to some form of collaboration with educators here… If anyone would be interested in some sort of virtual tour led by Novak, let me know. We have access to some presentation tools that might facilitate something.

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2 Responses to An international entry in the MultiUserWeblog sweepstakes?

  1. James Farmer says:

    Ooooo, pretty, my Croatian ‘aint that crash hot either but it looks like they’ve got some funky ‘new blogs’ ‘cool blogs’ stuff go I’d be up for a tour / perhaps a more general seminar chat on the subject too?

  2. Aren’t they _all_ multinational entries? Drupal is done largely in Europe. MT is largely American. No idea where WordPress (or WordPress MU) comes from. ELGG is British.

    I suppose that via the Bryght connection, Drupal is the only “national” entry. 🙂

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