Quickie cry for help…

After one of the more unpleasant travel days I’ve experienced, I’m here in Orlando (more on that later), but have been hampered considerably by a lack of internet connectivity at my hotel (and at the hotel of my co-presenters). I can get on the public wireless in the lobby, but when I use the ethernet in my room I get an IP using DHCP, but there’s no response from an internet browser.

Same thing with the wireless at Kele and Michelle C’s hotel… they have wireless, we all get assigned IPs just fine but we can’t do anything online. And Michelle C has pretty doggedly checked out potential problems like proxies, etc… I wonder if this is somehow related to us all being on Macs? The manager at K&M’s hotel was able to access everything from his PC.

So I’m just posting this on the off-chance someone else has experienced something like this and has a magic bullet solution. As usual, we plan on doing everything off a wiki, so being stuck off-line is a real handicap.

We all are connecting fine here at the conference center — but the conference hasn’t even started and I’m sick of this place already. This building and surrounding hotel and restaurant district is so inhuman it’s oddly stimulating…

Update — I still haven’t resolved internet access in my room, but I can pick up a weak but viable wireless signal here in the hotel bar. Not exactly Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese, but it beats working at the conference center. I suppose I’ll be trapped here, sucking back gin tonics until I get my work done… when’s closing time?

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8 Responses to Quickie cry for help…

  1. What do you have for DNS settings? Are you still trying to use UBC DNS servers from Orlando? Try deleting any DNS servers from your TCP/IP config to see if it pulls the automatically from the DHCP server. Must. Use. Fewer. Acronyms…

  2. And I kinda agree with you about the inhuman-yet-stimulating side of Orlando. Just relax, let go, and don’t think about the Disney Droids that have to sneak into work via the underground tunnel system, etc… 🙂

  3. Brian says:

    Thanks amigo — Michelle did try this. But I very much appreciate the kind advice on all fronts.

    And maybe it’s the gin talking, but I’m strating to feel like I’m coming around on the magic kingdom.

  4. 8j says:

    its the mac duude…

  5. Tim Wang says:

    Wondering if you are still up. You should update us with your current feelings after all the shots. I never liked Orlando… too humid…

  6. Gardner says:

    Brian–I’ve got slow but usable connectivity at my hotel. More to the point, though: when are we going to meet for more of that Lamb f2f alchemy? I’m here through Friday.

  7. Kyle says:

    Sounds to me like you might need a pre-configured IP. Did you get Michelle to check the manager’s IP settings?


  8. Jeff says:

    Not a big fan of Orlando myself either – in agreement with the earlier comments about humidity. I’d also have to agree with you about the Orange County Convention Centre district. And what is up with Educause not having encrypted wireless?!?

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