Beginning Fall 2009

September is upon us! Events are moving right along… yesterday was TA Development Day, during which PhD student Lara Aknin and I led a full day of events for our new and returning TAs. The focus was on basic skill development, including ways to promote a smooth semester for oneself, students, and the instructor; dealing with critical incidents professionally; developing grading rubrics;using course-related technologies (e.g., WebCT Vista,, the library website, &the Scantron machine); and becoming familiar with relevant policies. Thanks to everyone who helped out on the organizing team, and for everyone who came and participated.

Tuesday brings the start of the semester… welcome (back)! We’ll be kicking off the year with Imagine UBC, including Psychology-specific events (check out the details here). Classes will begin on Tuesday evening. I’m excited and a bit nervous for the first days of classes, but I have many plans in place to make this semester an enjoyable & educational one for all of us. See you in class!

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