My Syllabi are Ready!

I didn’t quite realize it’s been a full term since I last wrote a blog post. It was a hectic one for sure, for reasons both academic and personal. And here we are, about to start on the next journey. It’s an interesting life, being tied to an academic year. We really get two “new year” seasons: September and January. Then May is the start of a bit of rest interspersed with conference season, and a chance to write and contemplate big-picture questions about my courses and research interests. Ahh enough about May… back to January!

Syllabus forĀ Psyc 102 Section 004

  • MWF 12-1 in Buch A101
  • 270 students
  • Teaching Assistants: Stef Bourrier and Alex DiGiacomo

Syllabus for Psyc 208 Section 002

  • TTh 11-12:30 in Buch A201
  • ~150 students
  • Teaching Assistants: Michael Barrus and David Williamson

Syllabus for Psyc 218 Section 001

  • MWF 9-10 in AERL 150
  • 100 students
  • Teaching Assistants: Jennifer Lay, Meighen Roes, Mason Silveira, and Wanying Zhao

I’m looking forward to meeting you this week, and to an exciting term!

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