1. Introduction

Welcome to the Venture Startup Series Flexible Learning Platform!
You are here because:

  • You are actively building a new venture, or
  • You are currently enrolled in an entrepreneurship course, or
  • You just want to learn more about entrepreneurship and how to get started

No matter what path you’re taking, we’ve got you covered!
This course is designed help you to acquire basic knowledge on how to effectively
build a startup from scratch, while doing on the spot work to apply what you
have just learned.

It is flexible, self-paced to your needs. You can follow the progression from
start to finish or take a deeper dive into certain topics.

Each topic contains:

  • An overview of the content.
  • Short videos with general explanations.
  • Activities to put the theory into practice. This is where the hands-on approach comes in, where you get to actually apply what you just learn to your own real venture.
  • Readings and resources to dig deeper if something was not clear.

Welcome again, and please move on to Section 2  to get started!