3.3 Your Turn: Mapping Customer Experience


For this activity, you have two options. Choose one of the two tools:

  1. a “Day in the Life” or,
  2. the “Customer Journey Map” introduced to you in the previous videos.

Using the tool, map the experience of your user relevant to them getting the job done.

Option 1: “A Day in the Life”

Sketch a “Day in the Life” (eg. the user’s current experience) of your customer getting the job done:

  • What do they do & how do they do it?
  • What is difficult (problems or pains)?
  • What would make it better (potential gains)?
  • What changes if they use your product/service?

See an example from the video of a customer’s Day in the Life before and after: the Vineyard Water Stress Testing device.

Option 2: Customer Journey Mapping

For more complex situations, the “Customer Journey Map” may be more appropriate.

To construct your customer journey map, review Paul’s example from the video and refer to the Resources to help guide you.

See a simple example of pizza delivery to help you visualize the customer experience.


There is no ‘right’ way to do a Day in the Life or Customer Journey Map.

The map itself is not as important as what you get out of the map.

Use what you know (from your experience or data/information that you may have) as a first hypothesis and then test/validate with your potential user.

The value at this stage is developing a clearer understanding of both the customer experience and the context around it. Enjoy the process! 


“Day in the Life”: Two useful videos from Steve Blank on understanding your customer’s experience:

Customer Journey Mapping resources: Design firm Adaptive Path is recognized as an expert in experience mapping and customer journey maps:



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