2.3 What is the problem your customer is REALLY trying to solve?


Now that you’ve given some thought to who your customer is, it is important to consider what they want: your customer’s jobs, pains and gains. The purpose of the following two videos is for you to start to develop your first hypotheses around that job that a customer is trying to do, why it is hard, and what benefits they might expect.

Developing Hypotheses Part 1

Developing Hypotheses Part 2

Your Turn: Articulating Your Hypotheses

Now it’s your turn to develop hypotheses about your customer’s jobs to be done.

Step One – You need to identify:

  • What problem are you solving?
  • Is it important enough that people will pay money to solve it?
  • Precisely who has the problem?
  • Are there enough of them to make it worthwhile?

Step Two:

Use the trigger questions outlined in the Resource section to help you clarify what is a ‘must have’ for your customer and what is a ‘nice to have’.

The ‘must have’ is the critical foundation for building your business.

Step Three:

A good hypothesis needs to be written down. Use the template to structure the hypotheses you plan to test.


See Steve Blank



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