Multiple Meanings of Text

Originally I created a Wordle for this assignment (which I have still posted). However, when I came to the Weblog I notice that another classmate had already done something similar.  Instead I have created a Webspiration mind map. All of the key words I noticed on my Wordle I have also placed into Webspiration. Since I am working with my schools to implement Universal Design for Learning, I thought it would be appropriate to include another representation of the definition (Rose & Meyer, 2002).  As you can see, my Webspiration mind map provides us with the words and a visual.

Just to recap how my Wordle was created. When I was thinking about the definition of “text”, I could not think of just one.  I think that this image created in Wordle represents the various definitions of “text.”  It captures the complexity of the word.  There are some key words that emerge when you look closely at various definitions of “text.” This particular Wordle was created by copying and pasting various definitions of text including my personal definition of text.  When examining the Wordle you notice the key words that define “text” such as words, written, sentences and original. These words are all part of the definition of text.  It is these words that provide us with a clearer understanding of the word “text.” After a week of pondering the meaning of text, it appears to me that text consists of words that are put together in a meaningful way. 



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I am PhD student in the department of Language and Literacy Education. My research interests are how technology can be used to teach English as a Second Language students.
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2 Responses to Multiple Meanings of Text

  1. rita33 says:

    Hi Melanie,

    Good reflection about the meaning of the word ‘text’ I agree with your with you final conclusion ‘words that are put together in a meaningful way’ and right here is where complexity begins, What is meaningful? Does the receptor perceive my written message?


  2. mmwong says:

    Hi Rita,

    Thanks for your reply. Great question, “what is meaningful?” I guess it depends on the person. Everyone comes from a different perspective. *_*


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