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The Phenomenolgy of Writing: Handwriting to Typewriting

Introduction The following is a discussion of the phenomenolgy of writing and examines the transition from handwriting to typewriting. The focus of this discussion is how a technological innovation, the typewriter, modified the look and feel of writing as well … Continue reading

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Textbook Influence

Hi everybody, My assignment 3 Project: The rise of the textbook in education is located at the following site: I pretty much spent Halloween (yes, it was scary) trying to fix all the formatting issues with the website.  At … Continue reading

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Complexity or Simplicity: A History of Japanese Orthography

The Japanese writing system, with its origins in Chinese, is among the most complicated writing systems in the world (Hallen, 1999).  It is this complexity however that makes it so fascinating, as Japanese writing combines the use of four writing … Continue reading

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OVERVIEW Invention The invention of the early camera,-the Camera obscura whose image recording process was based on the optical structure of the eye heralded a new way of recording visual image. Thus the early camera mimicked the eye in registering … Continue reading

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Shifting Economies of Book Production

Books were created to document information and communicate thoughts and ideas.  The books we are familiar with today are much different than the beginnings of written documentation. As with any technology, the book has gone through many evolutions and variations … Continue reading

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The Technological Development of Early PECS: A Communication Technology

Rationale I decided to research Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) because there is a lack of sufficient information, documentation, and studies about PECS before the introduction of computers in the mainstream. In other words, the evolution of PECS was very … Continue reading

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The Literary Anthology as Classroom Textbook

Educational textbooks date back to the founding of the first Church schools in England in 700 CE. (Carpenter and Pritchard, 1984) Latin was the language of the Church and English state, and thus indispensible to the education of Old English-speaking … Continue reading

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Symbolic Script: Zapotec Writing in the First Millenium BCE

One of the significant milestones of human cultural development has been the creation of symbolic systems to represent and communicate thought. Writing systems based on this capability have allowed our species to externalize ideas, store them for future reference, and … Continue reading

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Radio and Television: Change Agents

Radio and Television: Change Agents In his book Technopoly, Neil Postman (1992) argues that technology needs to be understood for both what it contributes to a culture and what it takes away.  According to Postman, it is a fundamental truth … Continue reading

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Shifting Economies in Book Production and its Impact on Education

Book production, throughout western civilization has been closely associated with the social pillars of modern society. Two key shifts in the economies of production have been the transition to codex and subsequently print. These shifts have had a profound impact … Continue reading

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