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From Multiliteracies to Social Equity

We are living in exciting times.  As segments of the global population struggle simply to attain an education, to develop the ability to read text – “mere literacy”¹ – other parts of the world are developing technology that make the … Continue reading

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Reflections on Multiliteracies

The multiliteracies literature highlights the notion that traditional education is about passive learning as the teacher (expert) transmits knowledge to the students and restated by the students for the purpose of evaluation. By contrast, multiliteracies places emphasis on the collaborative … Continue reading

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Commentary #3: Print in Cyberspace

As I surf the Internet and search for different things, such as recipes, fashion advice, and so forth, I have noticed that the Internet has a plethora of websites with very similar layouts and web addresses.  The posts are in … Continue reading

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Power Shifts Reflected Through Changing Literacies

“The issue—given that representation, especially in the linguistic modes of speech and writing, is so closely bound up with social and ethical values—cannot be debated at the level of representation alone. It does, always, have to be seen in the … Continue reading

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