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WWW vs. Gutenberg: A Fair Comparison?

Localization of Language in Digital Text on the Internet Introduction We have been considering the changing spaces of text and text technologies, and the impact this has had on teaching, learning and communication. In Bolter (2009) the author discusses “the … Continue reading

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Making connections

ETEC540 has been more than what I imagined it would be when I subscribed to it. I must say that it far exceeded my expectations and surprised me in a different way than I expected. The course has been enlightening … Continue reading

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Making Connections

Although this course has been a struggle for me due to time constraints and personal challenges I have found it to be extremely interesting, far more so than I expected when I signed up. I have enjoyed the readings and … Continue reading

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Making Connections: Opening Doors (cautiously?)

ETEC 540 Text Technologies: The Changing Spaces of Reading and Writing was my first MET course, and I have enjoyed it immensely, though (like some of my colleagues have also mentioned in their reflections) I feel like I need a … Continue reading

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Making Connections

It has been challenging throughout this course to make connections between everyone’s contributions and the context of my workplace, which is not classroom based. I’ve had to redefine terms such as ‘learners’, ‘classroom’, and ‘literacy’. There were numerous postings that … Continue reading

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Gord Higginson’s ETEC 540 Rip.Mix.Feed

I combined a number of tools to create my Rip.Mix.Feed.  “Spelling with Flickr”  ( brings up very interesting banners with just a few keystrokes.  “Dumpr” ( has wonderful tools to add interest and character to your images.  “Smilebox” ( is … Continue reading

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This was a very entertaining and engaging assignment. The numerous tools available coupled with my growing experience with information technology made choosing one interesting. I’ve created a cartoon strip using Toondoo. I wanted to have fun and let my creativity … Continue reading

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Without a doubt this course has been a rich and challenging experience for me. ETEC 540 was my first course in the MET program. I was quite apprehensive about my initial foray into Graduate School as it had been twenty-five … Continue reading

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Reflections and Connections

This being my ninth course in the program, I found it gratifying in ETEC 540 to have  a “classic” of textual and communications theory in form of Walter Ong’s Orality and Literacy as the axis around which many of the … Continue reading

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Finding Personal Writing Space

For this project I created a blog focusing on the issues and trends of open education in higher education today.  These trends represent an important development in the evolution of text.  History teaches us that the way text is published … Continue reading

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