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Making Connections

It has been challenging throughout this course to make connections between everyone’s contributions and the context of my workplace, which is not classroom based. I’ve had to redefine terms such as ‘learners’, ‘classroom’, and ‘literacy’. There were numerous postings that … Continue reading

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Rip.mix.feed connections: Or coming late to the party

This semester has been a bit of a personal struggle, but I wanted to try and participate in the rip.mix.feed activity. While I thought I would create a digital story about the life I have in SecondLife using JayCut or … Continue reading

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Pieces of the Reading & Writing Puzzle – Rip, Mix, Feed Activity

For the Rip,Mix,Feed activity, I collected Creative Commons images on Flickr. The six images were placed together and then reworked using the jigsaw puzzle feature found on Dumpr (http://www.dumpr.net/). The images I selected represented pieces of the puzzle when it … Continue reading

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Erring with caution in a technological society- in support of the Technophiles.

Commentary on, Postman, N. (1993). Technopoly: The Surrender of Culture to Technology. Thinking about a technological society requires some amount of wariness, no doubt. As humans, we always tend to have the fear of the unknown. The effects of any … Continue reading

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Commentary #3: Print in Cyberspace

As I surf the Internet and search for different things, such as recipes, fashion advice, and so forth, I have noticed that the Internet has a plethora of websites with very similar layouts and web addresses.  The posts are in … Continue reading

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Commentary on Multiliteracies

As I work through the modules and do the readings, I wondered what literacy actually encompasses.  I am aware that the course is about literacy but one term has resonated in me: multiliteracy.  “Multiliteracy” is a term that was devised … Continue reading

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The Phenomenolgy of Writing: Handwriting to Typewriting

Introduction The following is a discussion of the phenomenolgy of writing and examines the transition from handwriting to typewriting. The focus of this discussion is how a technological innovation, the typewriter, modified the look and feel of writing as well … Continue reading

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Symbolic Script: Zapotec Writing in the First Millenium BCE

One of the significant milestones of human cultural development has been the creation of symbolic systems to represent and communicate thought. Writing systems based on this capability have allowed our species to externalize ideas, store them for future reference, and … Continue reading

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Modern English, Punctuation, and Word Separation

Introduction Thinking back to when I first learned to read in English, I was taught to read aloud.  I was taught to sound out the words.  While learning to read, I was also taught to write.  It was imperative that … Continue reading

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Of Chandler, Ong and Plato; or, Of Carts and Horses and Who’s to Blame

Plato has been widely cited for his fear-mongering proclamation in the Phaedrus declaring the newest technology – writing – as the demise of memory (e.g.: Ong, 2002, p. 78). I must admit having often been of same mind, relating fully … Continue reading

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