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Making Connections: Change

My reflection on the last three months is similar to the conclusion that Melanie Wong reached in her “Making Connections: Final thoughts” post, specifically the theme of change.  I am reminded of my initial post in this course and the … Continue reading

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For my research paper I was hoping to create my first video essay, but time and nerves got the best of me. This Rip.Mix.Feed assignment was a great chance to play around and learn to create a short video.  I … Continue reading

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The Evolution of Advertising: From Papyrus to YouTube

“Advertising today is selling Corn Flakes to people who are eating Cheerios” (Levinson, 1994) In one simple sentence, advertising icon Leo Burnett is able to provide insight into the complex and constantly-evolving world of advertising. While you may not recognize Burnett … Continue reading

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Complexity or Simplicity: A History of Japanese Orthography

The Japanese writing system, with its origins in Chinese, is among the most complicated writing systems in the world (Hallen, 1999).  It is this complexity however that makes it so fascinating, as Japanese writing combines the use of four writing … Continue reading

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Bridging the Knowledge Divide

Thamus and Harold Innis both spoke of what Innus called ‘knowledge monopolies’ (Postman, 1992, p.9).  They addressed their skepticism for new technologies and the impact that it would have on society, specifically the separation it would create between those who … Continue reading

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It seems like technology is always evolving, with companies marketing their devices as a way to make our lives easier.  This comic plays on the marketing techniques used by corporations as it shows how something as simple as a coffee … Continue reading

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Text and Communication

Text is a form of communication. This comic incorporates four types of communication, (1) ‘written text’ which is displayed by the actual comic; (2) ‘texting’ referring to the exchange of written text between phones; (3) ‘morse code’ which is a … Continue reading

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A Blending of Technology

Photo by Mat Packer I am drawn to this photograph because it depicts how text and technology has changed over the years;  from a pencil and paper to an iPhone and iPad.  I agree with Postman (1992) when he says; … Continue reading

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