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Final Thoughts

Hello ETEC 540 Community, Thank you all for a wonderful 13 weeks of learning together.  The MET program is so rich in terms of not only the caliber of the courses, but the collective knowledge of the participants.  It is … Continue reading

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Major Project: Typography Artist’s Statement Interactive Non-Fiction Before starting this project, I didn’t know a lot about typography.  What I did know was that typography catches my eye and that I have a deep appreciation for the print and patterns … Continue reading

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Grand Canyon Rafting!

Since starting the MET program in the fall of 2008, I have been introduced to and have used many Web 2.0 tools. It is truly amazing how much Web 2.0 has evolved even in just 2 years. Web 2.0 tools … Continue reading

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Shifting Economies of Book Production

Books were created to document information and communicate thoughts and ideas.  The books we are familiar with today are much different than the beginnings of written documentation. As with any technology, the book has gone through many evolutions and variations … Continue reading

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I read a book today. It has these things called “pages”.

Kevin Kelly’s (2006) article “Scan this Book!” presents an idealistic view of what could someday be known as a Universal Library, where “unlike the libraries of the old, which were restricted to the elite, this library would be truly democratic, … Continue reading

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As a grade one teacher, I found the following quote very interesting. From my observations of young learners, I completely agree. Text that children read is represented in so many different ways, such as Pokémon cards, and their interest must … Continue reading

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technology today

Have you tried creating a Google Search Story yet? It’s fun! I created this Google Search Story starting with the question, “What is technology?” Also, I’ve been thinking a lot this week about the differences between technophile and technophobe because … Continue reading

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A Child’s Alphabet

This image is interesting to me because it incorporates type, typography and graphic design.  I admire designers who can incorporate text with images to create something visually appealing.  The vintage look to the design is what first attracted me, however, … Continue reading

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