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A look back at Vancouver We Day 2010! I decided to pick a program I had never used before and wanted to work on something I was not very confident with. I started this project using movie maker and ended … Continue reading

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Pieces of the Reading & Writing Puzzle – Rip, Mix, Feed Activity

For the Rip,Mix,Feed activity, I collected Creative Commons images on Flickr. The six images were placed together and then reworked using the jigsaw puzzle feature found on Dumpr (http://www.dumpr.net/). The images I selected represented pieces of the puzzle when it … Continue reading

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OVERVIEW Invention The invention of the early camera,-the Camera obscura whose image recording process was based on the optical structure of the eye heralded a new way of recording visual image. Thus the early camera mimicked the eye in registering … Continue reading

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Technology and Society

Being a Biologist, it is natural for me to wonder about the evolution of society and humans. Technology in all it’s forms has transformed the modern world. Information is being sent globally at extremely fast rates. More people communicate with … Continue reading

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I selected the image of a kaleidoscope as it represents a complex pattern of progressive colors and shapes, which to me mirrors the evolution of text technologies.  The kaleidoscope is a tool made up of colored pieces of glass and … Continue reading

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My literal world

Robot Scrabble Photo by Jenn and Tony Bot I chose this picture for its literal translation.  Both text (letters) and technology (robots).  But the more I read in the prefatory material the more I liked the image on different levels.  … Continue reading

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