A look back at Vancouver We Day 2010!

I decided to pick a program I had never used before and wanted to work on something I was not very confident with. I started this project using movie maker and ended up trying out Jay Cut. I found the program very user friendly although I feel like this took me hours! However, now that I have taught the program to myself I feel confident I could use it with my class.

I had a few drawbacks with Jay Cut – first it took forever, and I mean forever to upload all my videos into the program. I also had some difficulty learning where to position the transitions. The other thing I couldn’t figure out was how to mute the sound from my videos and only hear the music. If you know how, please let me know.

Kids attending We Day had to sign a media release in order to attend – which is why I am posting it here.

Enjoy….We Day was so amazing for the kids – and the teachers!
*** I linked the posted in by accident and I can’t fix it….sorry! Please click on ‘posted in’ to see my video***
View video here:

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