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Making Connections – Know Students Left Behind

Upon reflection, my journey through ETEC 540 placed me in a position of having to think about how Web 2.0 technologies and Web 2.0 spaces can work to support students with severe special needs (hereafter ‘students’). Too often, the public … Continue reading

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The Life of Salmon

Hello Everyone: Please view my short slideshow on ‘The Life of Salmon’ at I used Camtasia for the slideshow. I decided to do a slideshow on the life of salmon because I witnessed the famous salmon run at Adams … Continue reading

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E-Readers: Supporting Students with Reading Difficulties

How can one read to learn if one cannot learn to read? – Barrie Carter The Artist’s Statement (The Critical Issue) As a special education teacher, I know that students with reading difficulties (not to be replaced or confused with … Continue reading

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The Technological Development of Early PECS: A Communication Technology

Rationale I decided to research Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) because there is a lack of sufficient information, documentation, and studies about PECS before the introduction of computers in the mainstream. In other words, the evolution of PECS was very … Continue reading

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Orality – Indigenous Knowledge through Oral Narratives

Mythic Messengers – a huge bronze frieze depicting the orality of Haida culture and civilization I am intrigued by Ong’s Euro-centric perspective on orality. Here, he asserts that the oral mind is aggregative, traditional, and “unable to detach itself from … Continue reading

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Digital Text

Digital text is data in written form, esp. when stored, processed, or displayed in a word processor (Apple Dictionary). And, written form is enter[ing] (data) into a specified storage medium or location in store (Apple Dictionary). Read the text in … Continue reading

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Hello from Barrie Carter

Hello Everyone: I am a full-time resource teacher for the New Westminster School District. I am responsible for working with students who are new English language learners and students who are ministry designated as ‘high incidence’ or ‘low incidence’. I … Continue reading

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Assistive Technologies for Students with Special Needs

What is technology? Well, to a student with special needs having written output issues, it is any tool or device that aids in the writing (above) and the reading (below) process and experience. Here, assistive technologies like Clicker 5 gives … Continue reading

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Falling through the Cracks

I chose this image because I work with students with special needs. Most often, these students are without the reading and writing tools and technologies that are necessary for them to be successful; even the assistive technologies are not readily … Continue reading

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