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Modern English, Punctuation, and Word Separation

Introduction Thinking back to when I first learned to read in English, I was taught to read aloud.  I was taught to sound out the words.  While learning to read, I was also taught to write.  It was imperative that … Continue reading

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Writing and Context

Reflecting on the readings of the first two modules, in particular Chapter 4 of Orality and Literacy,  lead me to do a search in the Oxford English Dictionary for two words: write and writing.  The entry for “write” categorized it … Continue reading

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Text as communication

We use the word “text” in many forms from referring to a book for a course with copious amounts of information to referring to “text” as a message sent between individuals. I found these two SMS poems on a site … Continue reading

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Ancient Media

If text is the creation of something and closely related to technology, the photo of the Japanese characters used in a printing press brings the two together. Japanese kanji is an ancient form of the written word and the printing … Continue reading

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