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WWW vs. Gutenberg: A Fair Comparison?

Localization of Language in Digital Text on the Internet Introduction We have been considering the changing spaces of text and text technologies, and the impact this has had on teaching, learning and communication. In Bolter (2009) the author discusses “the … Continue reading

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Rip.mix.feed connections: Or coming late to the party

This semester has been a bit of a personal struggle, but I wanted to try and participate in the rip.mix.feed activity. While I thought I would create a digital story about the life I have in SecondLife using JayCut or … Continue reading

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Text: Record and Relay Meaning

Words. Poems. Recipes. Lyrics. Lines and circles. Scribbles of alphanumeric symbols. Organized clusters of pixels on a screen. Keyboard. Crosses and dots. Pictures on a cave wall. Books. Text is a collection of symbols that represent thoughts, sounds and ideas. … Continue reading

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Words are just words if they are written without passion and emotion by the writer. Continue reading

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Can you read this?

I consider the folowing, the “ultimate text” simply for the fact that I quickly realised that writing is a technology that starts in our minds and finds representation in a form that consumers can relate to. The following text was … Continue reading

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Text Technologies: From Caving Paintings to Personal Computers

Socrates, Shakespeare, Saint Paul, Rembrandt, Galileo, Darwin, Beethoven, Maria Montessori, Charlie Chaplin, Orson Welles, and John Dewey are all dead. We remember them because their words and works were preserved for later generations by means of different text technologies. Texts … Continue reading

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The Alphabet Song I used to think that text has to be written. However, the course reading has changed my perception of what it is. Text embeds meanings; the process of forming text, whether it’s spoken, written, or even sung, … Continue reading

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¿ʞuıɥʇ noʎ ʎɐʍ ǝɥʇ ǝƃuǝllɐɥɔ uʍop ǝpısdn sıɥʇ ƃuıpɐǝɹ sǝop Does reading this upside down challenge the way you think? The context in which I’m endeavoring to define and understand text focuses on a marginalized segment of our community: those … Continue reading

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Text is letters, symbols and characters recorded on any type of media that may include paper, computer screens, stones, papyrus, art canvas and much more. Further, text conveys information and is the written form of communication. It is intertwined with … Continue reading

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Communication Gap

Cartoon purchased for use in this school project from This cartoon captures many of the ideas and inquiry questions that have come to my mind as we embark on this course. In this cartoon we see the massive chasm … Continue reading

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