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Making connections

ETEC540 has been more than what I imagined it would be when I subscribed to it. I must say that it far exceeded my expectations and surprised me in a different way than I expected. The course has been enlightening … Continue reading

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The impact of Literacy (Technology ) on learning: Has the evolution of literacy, become the evolution of human memory? Exploring Ong Chapter 4- Writing restructures consciousness.

This commentary is intended to explore the possible liabilities of the technologies of writing on human memory and retention. “Writing, Plato has Socrates say in the Phaedrus, is inhuman, pretending to establish outside the mind what in reality can be … Continue reading

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Erring with caution in a technological society- in support of the Technophiles.

Commentary on, Postman, N. (1993). Technopoly: The Surrender of Culture to Technology. Thinking about a technological society requires some amount of wariness, no doubt. As humans, we always tend to have the fear of the unknown. The effects of any … Continue reading

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OVERVIEW Invention The invention of the early camera,-the Camera obscura whose image recording process was based on the optical structure of the eye heralded a new way of recording visual image. Thus the early camera mimicked the eye in registering … Continue reading

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Orality and literacy: Supremacy or convergence?

As cultures emerge, their needs evolve and transformations occur. This brings about a lot of changes. Evidently, this triggers schools of thought, promoters, antagonist, neutralists etcetera. Each school presents arguments or positions that matter to them. Ultimately, they each take … Continue reading

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Can you read this?

I consider the folowing, the “ultimate text” simply for the fact that I quickly realised that writing is a technology that starts in our minds and finds representation in a form that consumers can relate to. The following text was … Continue reading

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Dynamism of text and technology

This image caught my attention because it immediately reminded me of how text has woven itself into the very fabric of our personal and communal lives via mobile technologies. In a matter of seconds anyone anywhere could get information in … Continue reading

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