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Bolter – The Possibility of a Respectful Remediation?

Introduction In Writing Space, Bolter’s discussion of the use of ‘remediation’ is an ongoing theme. He applies it to many different situations from culture, graphic design to the printing process. However, upon closer examination of the ideas of ‘Remediation’ in … Continue reading

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OVERVIEW Invention The invention of the early camera,-the Camera obscura whose image recording process was based on the optical structure of the eye heralded a new way of recording visual image. Thus the early camera mimicked the eye in registering … Continue reading

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Commentary 1 Iris Chan Professor Miller ETEC 540 4 October 2010 Commentary #1: E-Word, E-Literacy “Biases of the Ear and the Eye” Daniel Chandler Introduction In “Biases of the Ear and the Eye”, Chandler’s discussion of the ‘Great Divide’ theories … Continue reading

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