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In western educational systems of today, children are taught to read much the same as they have been taught to read for decades. Generally speaking, children are taught to read phonetically, breaking words down into their sounds (individual letter sounds … Continue reading

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Considering the Politics of Mass Literacy: Parallels in print and technological literacy.

Assignment 3 (Research Topic) As an educator a great emphasis in my own recent professional growth and learning has been in the area of technology literacy and preparing the 21st century learner for a 21st century world. There is, of … Continue reading

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Textbook Influence

Hi everybody, My assignment 3 Project: The rise of the textbook in education is located at the following site: http://members.shaw.ca/danborges/Etec540/Welcome.html I pretty much spent Halloween (yes, it was scary) trying to fix all the formatting issues with the website. ¬†At … Continue reading

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The Literary Anthology as Classroom Textbook

Educational textbooks date back to the founding of the first Church schools in England in 700 CE. (Carpenter and Pritchard, 1984) Latin was the language of the Church and English state, and thus indispensible to the education of Old English-speaking … Continue reading

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