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Making Connections to Web 2.0

A lot of what we covered in the course was familiar, but what Etec 540 provided me with was an increased awareness. This course opened my eyes to the issues and concerns regarding the digitization of text and gave me … Continue reading

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Web 2.0 storytelling: Physics Teachers and Rabbit Holes

In Web 2.0 Storytelling: Emergence of a new genre, Bryan Alexander and Alan Levine (2008) point out some key features of Web 2.0 and how it has transformed the internet.  Web 2.0 is providing a growing number of educational opportunities, … Continue reading

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Websliding a science meeting

There are a lot of GEMS that I’d like to test out from RipMixFeed.  The one that stuck out right away was Webslides. When I saw it, I envisioned showing a Webslide to my science department.  My department head is … Continue reading

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Mutimodality: More Than Just Gains

written by Danny Borges The transition to digital text is resulting in many changes, including to paper based text itself.  In Gains and losses: New forms of texts, knowledge, and learning, Gunther Kress (2005) looks at this transition of moving … Continue reading

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Textbook Influence

Hi everybody, My assignment 3 Project: The rise of the textbook in education is located at the following site: I pretty much spent Halloween (yes, it was scary) trying to fix all the formatting issues with the website.  At … Continue reading

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Commentary #1: Biases of the ‘Great Divide’

In Biases of the Ear and Eye, Daniel Chandler looks at the issues behind the ‘Great Divide’ theories and provides alternate views.  The article provides evidence against the idea of a monumental division between literate and illiterate people, and highlights … Continue reading

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Text and it’s predominant medium

My view is that text is ‘written words.’  It is used to communicate, pass along, or archive knowledge.  Until recently, ‘written words’ meant written on paper, however, the digitalization of text has caused lines to be blurred.  Since the overwhelming … Continue reading

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Technology is . . .

Technology is a difficult term to clearly identify because it’s used in so many ways. Presently, technology seems to go hand in hand with digital devices. Personally, in it’s most basic sense, I view technology as a human made tool … Continue reading

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Gains and losses

When I first found this picture, it stuck out because I recently bought an iPad. It demonstrates the changing ways in which text is read. It also serves as an example of how new technology can improve literacy and children’s … Continue reading

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