Text and it’s predominant medium

My view is that text is ‘written words.’  It is used to communicate, pass along, or archive knowledge.  Until recently, ‘written words’ meant written on paper, however, the digitalization of text has caused lines to be blurred.  Since the overwhelming use of computers is based on text, how much longer will paper be seen as society’s default medium of text?

Although I still think of  books and paper when I hear the word ‘text,’ students entering school today might not by the time they graduate.  Furthermore, even I have started turning down books and newspapers in favour of the electronic versions, however, my reasons have a lot more to do with space and organization, then it does with preferences in mediums for text.


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  1. Iris Chan says:


    Just a funny sidenote…

    Sometimes when my students hear “text”, they hear “test” and start to freak out! 🙂

    Welcome to the course,


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