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Rip.mix.feed connections: Or coming late to the party

This semester has been a bit of a personal struggle, but I wanted to try and participate in the rip.mix.feed activity. While I thought I would create a digital story about the life I have in SecondLife using JayCut or … Continue reading

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Boomers – Winners or Losers in the Age of Technology?

Postman’s theory of gains and losses is used as a framework through which issues facing the Baby Boom generation and its use of emerging text and communication technologies are examined. General attitudes toward technologies and specific motivations for and against … Continue reading

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cc licensed flickr photo shared by lindsayloveshermac The question is whether the enormous force of technology, and its insistence on speeding up time and compacting space, will reduce the human need for narrative—narrative in the traditional sense. Novels will become … Continue reading

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Technology — Many Facets

I found the following reflection on “What Counts as Technology?” on a UK website dedicated to technology education. What Counts as Technology? Throughout the twentieth century the uses of the term have increased to the point where it now encompasses … Continue reading

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This image represents the vast impact technology can have on our ability to convey our messages, share our thoughts and tell our stories. In my estimation technology is a currency of communication as it plays a critical role in the … Continue reading

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Some may question why I chose a picture of a pile of playdough when trying to define technology. My reasoning is that like playdough (I am an early primary teacher) our definition of technology is constantly changing, evolving and being … Continue reading

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Communication Gap

Cartoon purchased for use in this school project from This cartoon captures many of the ideas and inquiry questions that have come to my mind as we embark on this course. In this cartoon we see the massive chasm … Continue reading

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What is technology…?

What is Technology… From ( Technology can be viewed as an activity that forms or changes culture.  Additionally, technology is the application of math, science, and the arts for the benefit of life as it is known. A modern … Continue reading

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When thinking about text and technology you need to be open and flexible to growth in your definition. This picture depicts the human skin as a type of technology akin to rocks, papyrus, or a computer screen. Like any of … Continue reading

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It seems like technology is always evolving, with companies marketing their devices as a way to make our lives easier.  This comic plays on the marketing techniques used by corporations as it shows how something as simple as a coffee … Continue reading

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