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Making Connections: Opening Doors (cautiously?)

ETEC 540 Text Technologies: The Changing Spaces of Reading and Writing was my first MET course, and I have enjoyed it immensely, though (like some of my colleagues have also mentioned in their reflections) I feel like I need a … Continue reading

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Gord Higginson’s ETEC 540 Rip.Mix.Feed

I combined a number of tools to create my Rip.Mix.Feed.  “Spelling with Flickr”  ( brings up very interesting banners with just a few keystrokes.  “Dumpr” ( has wonderful tools to add interest and character to your images.  “Smilebox” ( is … Continue reading

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Remediation of Print or Revolution of Thought – The World Wide Web versus Xanadu

  Hypertext, the World Wide Web, and indirectly, the Internet, have played a part in remediating print in significant ways for over 20 years, and will continue to do so. This remediation has allowed writers and users of print and … Continue reading

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Nomenclature: The Influence of Systematic Naming

The development of nomenclature mirrors the development of ordered literary thought in the evolution from orality to literacy.  General and diffuse names for common things have, over time, become specific and intricate, with names allowing collective understanding to be wrapped … Continue reading

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Commentary #1: Where Does Orality Fit into On-Line Learning?

How extraordinarily planted in the literate world we are as we sit at computers, as individuals, and meld our thoughts together with people around the world without a single auditory sound coming from our mouths.  How incredibly non-oral we are, … Continue reading

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Technology — Many Facets

I found the following reflection on “What Counts as Technology?” on a UK website dedicated to technology education. What Counts as Technology? Throughout the twentieth century the uses of the term have increased to the point where it now encompasses … Continue reading

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Text: Record and Relay Meaning

Words. Poems. Recipes. Lyrics. Lines and circles. Scribbles of alphanumeric symbols. Organized clusters of pixels on a screen. Keyboard. Crosses and dots. Pictures on a cave wall. Books. Text is a collection of symbols that represent thoughts, sounds and ideas. … Continue reading

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Through the Looking Glass — It’s Now Plugged In!

The combination of children, books and a computers all rolled into one drew me to this image. My name is Gordon Higginson. I am an elementary school principal in Vernon, B.C. I have been a principal for ten years and … Continue reading

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