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Rip.mix.feed connections: Or coming late to the party

This semester has been a bit of a personal struggle, but I wanted to try and participate in the rip.mix.feed activity. While I thought I would create a digital story about the life I have in SecondLife using JayCut or … Continue reading

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Commentary on Multiliteracies

As I work through the modules and do the readings, I wondered what literacy actually encompasses.  I am aware that the course is about literacy but one term has resonated in me: multiliteracy.  “Multiliteracy” is a term that was devised … Continue reading

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The Invention of the Telegraph

Here is a link to our WordPress site. Please come and have a look to learn all about the invention of the telegraph. Alison Baillie and Leslie Dawes http://telegraph540.wordpress.com/

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Text and Communication

Text is a form of communication. This comic incorporates four types of communication, (1) ‘written text’ which is displayed by the actual comic; (2) ‘texting’ referring to the exchange of written text between phones; (3) ‘morse code’ which is a … Continue reading

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