Textbook Influence

Hi everybody,

My assignment 3 Project: The rise of the textbook in education is located at the following site:


I pretty much spent Halloween (yes, it was scary) trying to fix all the formatting issues with the website.  At some point, I had to cut my losses.  Hope it doesn’t look too bad.  Any feedback is very welcome.



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6 Responses to Textbook Influence

  1. iirene says:


    Your assignment is neat! What a great idea for your formatting, talking about textbooks within the images of a textbook. Bonus marks and gold stars!


  2. mmwong says:

    Hi Danny,

    I have to agree with Irene! Your assignment is neat! I enjoyed the layout of it. *_*


  3. danny says:

    Thanks for the comments.

    I’m glad to hear that the format made sense. I was debating it the whole time I was doing it.


  4. Iris Chan says:


    Very creative!

    It was worth it spending Halloween doing so! You didn’t miss much! 🙂


  5. lbonnor says:

    Very interesting presentation, Danny. I’m asking myself, though, if textbooks truly are improving. Many that I see, seem to emulating hypertext, in that there are bits of information and pictures scattered over the page with a variety of fonts and colours to attract attention. I’m thinking of social studies texts. It’s confusing for reluctant readers and I think a computer screen can do it better.

    • danny says:

      Hi Laura,

      you make a great point.

      I think that, in general, they are getting better. They have come a long way from pages and pages of endless print. That isn’t to say there aren’t a lot of bad textbooks out there, because there are. The number one complaint I hear from Math teachers is that it is “all pretty, and no substance.” That is the thing with multimodality, images are important, but they must be there for a reason, not just to make everything look nice.
      I can’t speak for social studies, but when my science department was looking for a new science textbooks (for Gr. 8-10), we saw some awful ones, but we’re pretty happy with the one we have now. It’s far from perfect, but definitely an improvement over its predecessor.


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