Websliding a science meeting

There are a lot of GEMS that I’d like to test out from RipMixFeed.  The one that stuck out right away was Webslides.

When I saw it, I envisioned showing a Webslide to my science department.  My department head is always asking for us to share resources for science, in order to improve the courses and student engagement.  So I put together this webslide on some of my favourite science sites.  I hope someone finds it helpful.


As far as Webslides is concerned, I find it takes a little bit to figure out how things work. Once that happens, its pretty easy to use and an effective way of sharing bookmarks.

Warning: I’ve only been able to have Webslides run well on Firefox (haven’t tested IE), but it seems to dislike Safari and Chrome.  Then again, it might be just my computer.

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