Rip.Mix.Feed.Remix – My attempt at using JayCut

For this assignment I tried using a new resource – JayCut.  For the most part it was pretty painless.  It merely took seconds to set-up an account.  The most challenging part with it was how long it took to upload media to my account.  It was rather long.  Thankfully I had other things to do so while I was uploading images I was able to do other things (multi-tasked).

The video I created was from old pictures taken on a family vacation to Maui in 2007.  My brother got married there so my family, my sister’s family, my brother and his wife, my mom and friends all made the journey.  It was pretty cool to vacation with so many people.  I really enjoyed this assignment because it brought back some good memories – can’t wait to go back!!

I am no expert so be nice in your critiques – Ryan

YouTube Preview Image
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