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Reflections and Connections

This being my ninth course in the program, I found it gratifying in ETEC 540 to have  a “classic” of textual and communications theory in form of Walter Ong’s Orality and Literacy as the axis around which many of the … Continue reading

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Major Project – Text spaces in Augmented Reality (AR)

Hi Everyone. I’ve put together a Major Project as my course assignment and made a page for it on a separate personal blog to save space here at Text Technologies. The link for my Major Project is here My project … Continue reading

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My Rip.Mix.Feed video is a kind of sidebar to my Major Project, which is about the use of Augmented Reality in creating new types of interactive books and other media. One of the challenges that I encountered in researching Augmented … Continue reading

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The Literary Anthology as Classroom Textbook

Educational textbooks date back to the founding of the first Church schools in England in 700 CE. (Carpenter and Pritchard, 1984) Latin was the language of the Church and English state, and thus indispensible to the education of Old English-speaking … Continue reading

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Commentary #1

ETEC 540 64B Oren Lupo One basic assumption that runs through Orality and Literacy is the division between the sensory modalities of sight and sound, and the corresponding separation between the textual-visual and oral-aural dimensions of language use. Walter Ong … Continue reading

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In starting to read the texts for this course, I was struck by how much modern poetry, literature and word art is concerned with the dynamic between orality and textuality that we are learning about. bpNicol’s poetry often plays on … Continue reading

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