Major Project – Text spaces in Augmented Reality (AR)

Hi Everyone. I’ve put together a Major Project as my course assignment and made a page for it on a separate personal blog to save space here at Text Technologies.

The link for my Major Project is here

My project looks at the background of Augmented Reality and its applications in making new kinds of books happen. AR uses a webcam, video monitor and computer to overlay texts, graphics, animations and 3D models onto flat surfaces like the pages of a book or magazine. It can also superimpose texts and graphics onto displays of hand-held devices like mobile phones, so that the virtual elements look like they are out there in the real world.

There is one really great video example of the AR book technology that prompted me to research it in greater depth. It is the thesis project “Jekyll and Hyde Augmented Reality Book” created by students Marius Hügli and Martin Kovacovsky at HGK Basel. I’ve pasted the video:

YouTube Preview Image

If this sparks your interest in AR and AR books, you’re invited to have a look at my Major Project, and my related Rip.Mix.Feed video and Youtube Channel, on the personal blog. Cheers.

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2 Responses to Major Project – Text spaces in Augmented Reality (AR)

  1. lesliedawes says:

    AMazing video! It certainly is a remediation of print on a level by itself. I enjoyed the symbolic images, even if I didn’t understand some of the words. I think it was German. ? Well done.

    • Oren Lupo says:

      Hi Leslie–The students attended Academy of Art and Design in Basel, Switzerland, as best as I can tell, and I do know that the Swiss have a very strong history in the fields of typography and printing (see Helvetica for starters). The thing that caught my attention was the concentration on animating type in their piece which balances the spooky visuals so perfectly.

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