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Making Connections

Connecting our lives away! As we arrive at the end of our course and we begin to reflect upon our process, it must be said that the growth of scholarly discussion on technology, text and digital literacy is exponential. Many … Continue reading

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Rip, Mix and Feed

Exploring different tools… I was amazed at how kid friendly Kerproof has made creating videos, images and stories. I can see how it mimics applications like IMovie and the way students can use this to create their own work and … Continue reading

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Re-examining the Digital Divide in the Urban Chinese Classroom

Commentary 3: Re-examining the Digital Divide in the Chinese Urban Classroom The multilayered life worlds of our students enter the classroom with their gadgets. The iPods, the iPhones, the laptops and the Internet bring the private lives of the world … Continue reading

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Bolter – The Possibility of a Respectful Remediation?

Introduction In Writing Space, Bolter’s discussion of the use of ‘remediation’ is an ongoing theme. He applies it to many different situations from culture, graphic design to the printing process. However, upon closer examination of the ideas of ‘Remediation’ in … Continue reading

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Commentary 1 Iris Chan Professor Miller ETEC 540 4 October 2010 Commentary #1: E-Word, E-Literacy “Biases of the Ear and the Eye” Daniel Chandler Introduction In “Biases of the Ear and the Eye”, Chandler’s discussion of the ‘Great Divide’ theories … Continue reading

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Technology for the Serious, for the Childish, for the Old, for the Young..

T echnology is a channel of expression. E ntertaining and frustrating simultaneously. C reating creative expression as one of it’s purposes H elping others to see, write, read, listen, smell, breathe, eat, walk and experience the world. N owhere but … Continue reading

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Text – Iris

Text The text on a page, on a screen, on a rock, on the sand is always more than what it says. Energy to create text comes from an inner motivation to express Xin is the Chinese pinyin for heart … Continue reading

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Iris Chan – My Introduction

This picture is a snapshot of The Mani Mantra. This mantra is common in Buddhism and it is representative of the deity involved with compassion. I chose this image because it resembles an important aspect of text and technology. The … Continue reading

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