Dynamism of text and technology


How embarrasing

This image caught my attention because it immediately reminded me of how text has woven itself into the very fabric of our personal and communal lives via mobile technologies. In a matter of seconds anyone anywhere could get information in the form of text about some event. Anyone, anywhere can learn about events and people through posts courtesy of text and technology.
It is almost as if text and technology connive sometimes to cause embarrassing moments, exposing things we would rather not have others know about.

Hi everyone, my name is Ifeoma, I live in Toronto Ontario and work as an IT professional.

I have a background in Graphics and web design and have chosen this course curious to learn the transition text has made over time and how it has affected literacy especially how text and technology combined have changed the spaces of reading and writing.

I expect to acquire knowledge and skills that I can translate and incorporate into the online training programs in my organisation.

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2 Responses to Dynamism of text and technology

  1. danny says:

    Hi Ifeoma,

    that’s an interesting photograph. Not only are the different forms of text everywhere, it looks like there is not escaping it. We carry these devices, and often this ‘text’ will keeping beeping until we answer it. But this photograph also represents a form of connectedness.


  2. iirene says:

    Hi Ifeoma,

    Unlike spoken unrecorded language, electronic messages can be permanent. If someone says something stupid, we might only be embarrassed for a day, then the incident may soon be forgotten. When we type and send something stupid, our embarrassment may be carved in cyberspace forever. Embarrassment takes on a new level. Too bad there is no erase embarrassement function.


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