I selected the image of a kaleidoscope as it represents a complex pattern of progressive colors and shapes, which to me mirrors the evolution of text technologies.  The kaleidoscope is a tool made up of colored pieces of glass and depending on the way it is held and focused, it will create different images.  The viewer can then interpret and assign meaning to the images, which have emerged.  The richness of the kaleidoscope is that it reflects back on who the user is.  The same can be said when examining and understanding the impact and implications digital technology is having on our ability to learn, comprehend, create, communicate as well as reflect.

I work in the not-for-profit sector in Vancouver.   In my organization, we are focused on communicating with, educating and building relationships with individuals that span multiple generations.  The application for what I learn in this course will support my ability to use technology to access and communicate with a wider network of individuals. It has been over 20 years since I completed my undergraduate degree and I am excited about entering the MET program. ETEC 540 is my first course.  Growing up in a generation where computers and other forms of technology weren’t commonplace in the home I am both curious and keen to expand my understanding and comprehension around the advancement of writing technologies.

I look forward working with all of you and to contributing to our exchange of learning and ideas!

Dee Dee

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