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Some thoughts

The journey is getting to its end! It was an amazing exploration from Orality culture to digital Literacy! I enjoyed most of the readings. We covered a lot in the course. There were so many interesting posts, but “The Natives are … Continue reading

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Commentary # 3

THE NEW ORDER OF ORDER This commentary will review ‘The new order or order’ from ‘Everything is Miscellaneous: The Power of the New Digital Disorder’ by David Weinberger, 2007. In Being digital, Negroponte (1995) affirms that doubtless we are in … Continue reading

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Commentary #2

This commentary will review “Digital Literacy” by Teresa Dobson and John Willinsky, 2009. The concept of literacy has assumed new meanings with the fast- paced growing of new technologies.  Dobson and Willinsky (2009) share insights with chronological discussion of how … Continue reading

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The effect of the printing press in the Renaissance in the 15th century, Italy

Just a note before beginning! Even though plenty of literature available on studies on the relation of technology and cultural changes, I didn’t have much success on trying to find scholarships related to the impact of the printing press in … Continue reading

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Commentary # 1: Digitization and its discontents

This commentary will review the 2007 Anthony Grafton article, “Digitization and its discontents in the New Yorker on the issue of transferring books and other written material online as it is the case of Google Library Project. The ambitious Google … Continue reading

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Text Technologies: From Caving Paintings to Personal Computers

Socrates, Shakespeare, Saint Paul, Rembrandt, Galileo, Darwin, Beethoven, Maria Montessori, Charlie Chaplin, Orson Welles, and John Dewey are all dead. We remember them because their words and works were preserved for later generations by means of different text technologies. Texts … Continue reading

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Rita’s Introduction

Hello all, I created this image to express my belief that the impact of new technologies for writing and reading is related with spirituality. They are co-emergent  and mutually interdependent. By drawing the connection educators can create educational experiences that … Continue reading

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