Rita’s Introduction

Hello all,

I created this image to express my belief that the impact of new technologies for writing and reading is related with spirituality. They are co-emergent  and mutually interdependent. By drawing the connection educators can create educational experiences that are both culturally relevant and transformative.

My name is Rita Santillan,  I am so glad that I could joint the learning community of ETEC:540, and I am looking  forward to sharing and learning from all of you in this wonderful Cyber Voyage!

A little more about me? Well, I am a teacher with 16 years of adult and post-secondary experience. Currently, I am  teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language in the UBC Continuing Studies. Besides, I am  also taking ETEC 511 and a elective course on ‘Human Development, Culture and Learning’ in the UBC Point Gray Campus. This is my last term to complete the MET program : ) Hurrah!



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