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It never ceases to amaze me how stressed I can get over something and then I don’t really understand how, but I do manage to do what I spent hours trying to do earlier. Well, finally my Photostory. Thanks for the no comments, as it didn’t work the first time that I tried. Anyways, now that I have vented, I want to comment on Photo Story. I discovered Photo Story several years ago at a Technology workshop and I knew that it was a good program to use in my Primary classroom to encourage oral literacy and digital literacy. This download is free from Microsoft and it is user friendly. I have made many photo stories with my classes. They are great to present at Student Led conferences. Enjoy. Continue reading

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Making Connections

Making Connections Leslie Dawes ETEC 540 After reading chapters 9 and 10 of Bolter (pp.189-213) and viewing the Community Weblog, I can reflect on my journey through ETEC 540 with a connection to self and fellow students. As Bolter states, … Continue reading

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Photo Story 3

A new photo story This program is a free download from Microsoft. This is my first attempt to choose some photos from my vacation in Mexico and put music to it. It tells a story of the sites that I saw. … Continue reading

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The Electronic Book- ebooks and books can coexist in the 20th Century

ETEC 540 Commentary#3 Writing Space: The Computer, Hypertext, and the Remediation of Print – Chapter 5 The Electronic Book- EBooks and Books can coexist in the 20st Century. EBook, known as the electronic book is a text with images that … Continue reading

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Commentary #2

Writing Spaces: The Computer, Hypertext, and the Remediation of Print – Chapter 3 Hypertext; the electronic link to related information networks and the impact on writing and reading In Chapter Three of Jay David Bolter’s Writing Space: Computers, Hypertext, and … Continue reading

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Orality and Literacy

Orality and Literacy Leslie Dawes Commentary #1 While reading chapter three of Orality and Literacy, by Walter J. Ong, I became intrigued by the comparisons he makes and the studies that he cites to support his work and the problems … Continue reading

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Words are just words if they are written without passion and emotion by the writer. Continue reading

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I chose this particular image as it represents the new and popular iphone that is being marketed at a frenzy rate to the masses who hungrily seek the fastest and latest device available. It is all about the marketing of … Continue reading

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When looking for a picture or a video that best represented my understanding of the definition of text, I came across this utube clip called “Fatal Blow to Text Literacy.” I found this particularly intriguing as the author begins his discussion of text, the written word by asking the question will new digital literacies lay a fatal blow to text literacy? He thinks probably not, but states that audio digital communication is the popular usage due to the convenience of it, rather than if it superior or right. Increase access to multimedia tools that are easy to use has changed the way we use text. The equation has change due to convenience of audio communication rather than text communication. He states that it is more of a matter of convenience rather than which is superior. He continues to give a historical timeline account of how the common man has communicated in the past. There has been cultural shifts that cause man to looked at his world in different ways. Technology changes have contributed to man’s ability to think and communicate differently. We have gravitated to ways that are a faster exchange of giving information and messages than ever before. The author maintains that text is probably not going to be given a fatal blow,but how it is used continues to be modified in the technological era we are in due to man’s desire to communicate in faster and more convenient ways. I enjoyed this very interesting utube clip perspective.

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I chose this image because it reminded me of a similar picture that I took last year in my Grade 1/2 class of children during a session with our laptop computers. We were learning, as these children are, of relevant … Continue reading

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