I chose this image because it reminded me of a similar picture that I took last year in my Grade 1/2 class of children during a session with our laptop computers. We were learning, as these children are, of relevant events in our community; which were the Olympics events. Children of all ages are exposed in some way to technology which supports their literacy learning.

My name is Leslie Dawes and I am teaching Grade One in West Vancouver at Irwin Park Elementary. I am taking ETEC 540 and ETEC 511 this term. I am excited about learning new concepts and ideas pertaining to technology. I am keen to have more knowledge and ability to support my student’s literacy learning through the intergration of technology. I have been working with West Vancouver School District Principal of Technology to implement an online Home Reading Program through virtual classroom. The children choose books through the West Vancouver Library link and post a reader’s response. Their entries are then put into a file that allows the teacher to view in list form who has made a response. It is a new technology for teachers and students. I look forward to working with everyone in ETEC 540.

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  1. blamb says:

    Awww, cuteness.

    The image and anecdote raises that oft-heard criticism about online technologies ‘isolating’ people in front of their machines… while the ‘virtual’ interactions are so essentially social.

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