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What is text…?

What is Text…? From ( Text is a coherent set of symbols that transmits some kind of informative message I chose this definition because no matter how much I have read on the subject (whether it be from course … Continue reading

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“Re-examine all that you have been told… dismiss that which insults your soul.” Walt Whitman When is text more than text? I first read this quote almost 20 years ago and it is still with me. It still resonates with … Continue reading

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Text and Communication

Text is a form of communication. This comic incorporates four types of communication, (1) ‘written text’ which is displayed by the actual comic; (2) ‘texting’ referring to the exchange of written text between phones; (3) ‘morse code’ which is a … Continue reading

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Text and it’s predominant medium

My view is that text is ‘written words.’  It is used to communicate, pass along, or archive knowledge.  Until recently, ‘written words’ meant written on paper, however, the digitalization of text has caused lines to be blurred.  Since the overwhelming … Continue reading

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Isn’t text just simply words?

Well…. this is what I would have initially answered had you asked me prior to the start of my Masters program. I currently see text as characters, symbols or letters strategically arranged to transmit information. In a way, they are … Continue reading

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Digital Text

Digital text is data in written form, esp. when stored, processed, or displayed in a word processor (Apple Dictionary). And, written form is enter[ing] (data) into a specified storage medium or location in store (Apple Dictionary). Read the text in … Continue reading

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The Changing Nature of TEXT

When asked to define ‘text’ my initial response was written language. I now see a broader definition of text as a something that holds a message or information that others can interpret. The following quotes from Postman (1992) ‘orality stresses … Continue reading

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When looking for a picture or a video that best represented my understanding of the definition of text, I came across this utube clip called “Fatal Blow to Text Literacy.” I found this particularly intriguing as the author begins his discussion of text, the written word by asking the question will new digital literacies lay a fatal blow to text literacy? He thinks probably not, but states that audio digital communication is the popular usage due to the convenience of it, rather than if it superior or right. Increase access to multimedia tools that are easy to use has changed the way we use text. The equation has change due to convenience of audio communication rather than text communication. He states that it is more of a matter of convenience rather than which is superior. He continues to give a historical timeline account of how the common man has communicated in the past. There has been cultural shifts that cause man to looked at his world in different ways. Technology changes have contributed to man’s ability to think and communicate differently. We have gravitated to ways that are a faster exchange of giving information and messages than ever before. The author maintains that text is probably not going to be given a fatal blow,but how it is used continues to be modified in the technological era we are in due to man’s desire to communicate in faster and more convenient ways. I enjoyed this very interesting utube clip perspective.

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Text and Technology

I think text as something more than individual characters, such as words, sentences, and paragraphs. Meaning is usually attached to texts, too. For technology, I will pull a few things out from Murphie and Potts. In their book, Culture & … Continue reading

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As a grade one teacher, I found the following quote very interesting. From my observations of young learners, I completely agree. Text that children read is represented in so many different ways, such as Pokémon cards, and their interest must … Continue reading

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