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For my RipMixFeed activity I was hoping to try Animoto as I have heard so many good things about it from classmates in other courses. Unfortunately, I signed up as an educator and was told my wait time to set … Continue reading

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Commentary #3 Web 2.0 and Emergent Mulitiliteracies

This commentary is in response to Alexander’s Article Web 2.0 and Emergent Literacies as referenced below.  Alexander begins by outlining the changes in current student experiences in learning through technological advances as compared to the past.  He states that students … Continue reading

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Commentary #2 – Digital Literacy written by Dobson and Willinsky

This commentary is based on the Digital Literacy reading as written by Dobson and Willinsky.   The authors detail the historical emergence of digital literacy within the last three decades through their perspective that digital literacy is a continuity and extension … Continue reading

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Printing Press and Its “Impact” on Literacy

The advent of the printing press over five hundred years ago may be described as one of the few major significant events in mankind’s history in terms of the greatest impact on literacy. Before paper and print were invented, oral … Continue reading

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Commentary 1 – Digitization and its Discontents

This commentary is based on Grafton’s article FUTURE READING:“Digitization and its discontents” as referenced below. Grafton begins by describing Google’s aim to “build a comprehensive index of all books in the world …..some which envision a universal archive providing a … Continue reading

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Isn’t text just simply words?

Well…. this is what I would have initially answered had you asked me prior to the start of my Masters program. I currently see text as characters, symbols or letters strategically arranged to transmit information. In a way, they are … Continue reading

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I have been pondering the definition of technology for the last few days but have yet to find a suitable definition which is probably the focus of this exercise. However, I do feel that in looking up it’s definition in … Continue reading

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I chose this particular image because it represented for me the change through technology information from monologue to a dialogue standpoint. Information once seemed to move in one direction but now can move freely either way. Individuals can now share … Continue reading

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