All about Flickr titles, text, tags, and views

I chose this particular image because it represented for me the change through technology information from monologue to a dialogue standpoint. Information once seemed to move in one direction but now can move freely either way. Individuals can now share their opinions more widely with the worldwide community. As discussed in our readings/audio files, there is the greater dissemination of the word. The fire represents the speed nowadays in which dissemination occurs and with great ease amongst greater number of individuals. However, as noted there is also the more rapid dissemination of trash. Lastly, the idea of intellectual authority also arises along with the quality of materials with such widely available words.

I am a grade 6 teacher from Delta, BC. I am currently halfway through my Masters Program (course number 6). I am very interested in the use of technology in the classrooms and how it affects student learning. Technology will continually be present and evolve therefore learning and addressing it is quite important to fully challenge students and their learning.

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