Text and Technology

I think text as something more than individual characters, such as words, sentences, and paragraphs. Meaning is usually attached to texts, too.

For technology, I will pull a few things out from Murphie and Potts. In their book, Culture & Technology, which I am reading for ETEC 531, they write about brief history of the term, “technology.” They say, “‘technology’ has come to describe the overall system of machines and processes (while ‘technique’ refers to a specific method or skill)” (Murphie and Potts, 2003, p. 3). They also say, “Many recent theorists have argued that a working definition of technology needs to be as broad as possible” (Murphie and Potts, 2003, p. 4). Then, they quote Lorenzo Simpson’s definition of technology. He defines technology as “that constellation of knowledge, processes, skills and products whose aim is to control and transform” (Murphie and Potts, 2003, p. 4).

Murphie, A. and Potts, J. (2003). Culture and technology. New York: Palgrave Macmillan.

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